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Our company

We are Invarex
Beginnings, traditions and vision

Since its foundation, our company has been synonymous with innovative sealing solutions and quality. We initially focused on the custom production of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, but we quickly expanded our technological capabilities for processing plastics and rubbers and now we provide a wide range of products from standard sealing elements to the production of squeegees for floor cleaning machines.

Our production is not just about seals. Thanks to the advanced technical equipment, we are also engaged in custom CNC turning of parts from materials such as technical plastics, polyurethanes, PTFE or even rubber.

We always ensure that our products are at the cutting edge of technology and meet the demanding requirements of our customers from various industries.

...we create sealing solutions of today with tomorrow's needs in mind.

Why choose us?
Personal approach to orders

Every order is unique to us. We communicate carefully with every client to understand their specific needs and create a seal that is exactly the right fit.

High quality of materials

We use only high-quality materials, which makes our seals last longer and offer optimal performance in a variety of conditions.

Modern technology and equipment

By investing in the state-of-the-art technologies and machines, we are able to produce seals with high precision and in short delivery times.

Professionally trained team

Our team consists of experts who are constantly learning and improving in their field. This enables us to guarantee the quality and reliability of all our products.

Our vision

We see a world where high-quality sealing solutions are the cornerstone of safety, efficiency and innovation in industry. We strive to become the first choice for companies looking for reliability, quality and innovation in the field of sealing. Our goal is to constantly push the boundaries of what is possible, combine traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology and thereby contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all our partners.

Our mission

We are here to define a new standard in sealing, combining traditional values with state-of-the-art practices. Our mission is to provide our clients not only with products, but with comprehensive solutions that exceed their expectations while paying attention to sustainability and innovation.

Sealing profiles

That’s exactly how many profiles our database contains, which allows us to provide an exact solution for almost any application. This number is proof of our expertise and desire to meet all the requirements of our clients.

Types of wiper squeegees

With so many squeegees options in our portfolio, we are ready to meet the needs of a wide variety of cleaning systems. This wide range guarantees that you will find the ideal squeegee for every machine. Moreover, we are continuously expanding our portfolio.

Regular customers

We are proud of all our regular customers that trust us with the sealing solutions and other products. Their loyalty is a proof of our quality and reliability in deliveries.

Our numbers speak for themselves

We are one of the leaders in the production and supply of seals and wiper squeegees for floor cleaning machines. Our extensive portfolio of sealing profiles enables us to respond flexibly to diverse customer requirements. Likewise, our wiper squeegees archive is a proof of our commitment to offering a comprehensive solution. This quality and reliability is appreciated by an increasing number of our regular customers.

testimonials of our clients

Ing. Pavlína Kyrychová
Bohemia Seal s.r.o

Velmi oceňujeme Vaši odbornost, pečlivost a rychlost, kterou věnujete našim potřebám. Spolupráce s Vaší firmou je pro nás velmi přínosná, a to zejména díky profesionálnímu přístupu a rychlému řešení našich požadavků.

Radka Jonášová
GZ Media, a.s.

Na vaší firmě si vážíme především rychlé, jasné a výborné komunikace a slušného jednání. Déle spolehlivosti, včetně termínů dodání, což bohužel v dnešní době u každého dodavatele není.

Redleta s.r.o.
Michal Kopčáni

Rychlost dodávek a 100% kvalita u všech dodávek.
Komunikace a pomoc při řešení složitých případů.

Martin Baier
Firma Argutec s.r.o.

Pro výrobu našich produktů je klíčová nejen stálá kvalita a dobrá cena, ale také podpora při vývoji a inovacích. Invarex nám vždy nejen navrhne vhodný materiál, ale také dodá ověřovací sérii.

Ing. Gabriela Vítová
Karla Hydraulics s.r.o.

Naše spolupráce probíhá již několik let na velmi profesionální úrovni, oceňujeme komunikativnost a flexibilitu, rychlé řešení našich objednávek, technickou podporu a rychlost dodávek.

Our history
Milestones we are proud of
January 2018

Founding of Invarex. The company is founded and started by Martin Vajdák with the aim to operate in the field of production and sales of industrial seals.

April 2018

The first CNC lathe for the production of seals and plastic machining was acquired.

December 2020

A second CNC machine was purchased to expand the production portfolio – this time it was a CNC router (digital plotter) with an oscillating and milling unit.

January 2022

After a year of internal development, we started our own production of squeegees for floor cleaning machines made of various materials.

March 2024

The capacity of the original CNC lathe is no longer sufficient and we are acquiring a second one. Now even with powered tools and with the possibility to machine seals up to an outer diameter of 750 mm (in some cases up to 850 mm).