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Custom manufacturing of seals

flexible production of customized seals
For your unique needs

Our custom made production of seals meets unique sealing requirements. Every piece is created for your industry and tailored to the complexity of the project.

We use a wide range of materials and technologies for extremely durable seals. Precise processes ensure results that exceed expectations. From individual pieces to series production. Our production capabilities allow you to operate further.

Our production services allow you to order seals with different parameters from 3 mm inner diameter to 750 mm outer diameter (up to 850 mm for some seal geometries). In addition, in cooperation, we can provide the production of seals with an outer diameter of even 3,000 mm or more, with the manufacture taking place by a combination of CNC turning and welding in parts. Regardless the size of your project, we are ready to manufacture from 1 piece to batch sizes of 5-10 thousand pieces to meet your needs.

Fast production

Thanks to our technical equipment, we can produce seals within 24 hours of placing an order. In emergency situations, we produce seals in a matter of hours.

Customized design

We work with you to create a seal that meets all the required parameters for a specific application (operating temperature, operating pressure, peak pressure, operating medium, sliding or peripheral speeds, etc.)

Innovative solutions

We use state-of-the-art technology and materials to create innovative, durable, longer-lasting seals.


We know that the shutdown of production equipment in any type of business (be it food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry or a company engaged in the production of automotive parts) and especially in those with production continuous in nature (24-hour operation in shifts) costs a lot of money and therefore in the event of any malfunction or accident that requires a quick replacement of a damaged seal, we offer an emergency service where, thanks to our production, we will ensure the delivery of the necessary seal in the shortest possible time (within hours) and on any day (weekends, holidays).

Due to the nature of the service, a one-off fee of CZK 10,000 excluding VAT is charged, which is subsequently added as a separate item to the price of the seals for a specific delivery.


Take a look at the standard sealing profiles that are the result of our production. These proven profiles meet various industrial needs. In case of special requirements, we are ready to modify the profiles to perfectly suit your needs or we will design and produce an original sealing profile tailored for the given application.


A seal used to seal the space between the piston and the cylinder wall in which the piston moves. Seals especially the outer diameter of the gasket.


It seals the space between the cylinder body and the piston rod (rod), which performs a translational movement inside the cylinder. Seals especially the inner diameter of the seal.


It is used to seal the space in the event that the components rotate relative to each other and translational movement is prevented.


They prevent dirt from entering the sealed space and maintain an optimal lubricant layer on the sealed surface.

Static seals

They seal the space where there is no mutual movement of the sealed surfaces. These are, for example, O-rings, X-rings.

Symmetric seals

Seals whose profile cross-section is symmetrical compared to piston or rod seals. Suitable for universal use.

Guide rings

The guide rings prevent contact of metal parts that move with each other, limit movement in the radial direction.

Back-up rings

The back-up rings prevent deformation of the seal, for example during pressure peaks.

Non-standard seals

A set of seals that cannot be assigned to any category. The profiles were often created based on customer requests.

seals for mining equipment

A special type of seal that is used for mining equipment that works in very demanding conditions.

Not found the profile you wanted?

We will create a seal for you. Thanks to our flexible production, we can produce within 24 hours of placing an order.

Materials for the production of seals

Our seals are made from materials from renowned producers from Austria, Italy or Slovenia (DMH GmbH, Seal Maker GmbH, PU1TEC GmbH, Alpana d.o.o., Trygonal Group GmbH, fluorseals s.p.a., Guarniflon s.p.a.) that supply us with high quality semi-finished products for our sealing elements. We also cooperate with Czech suppliers of technical plastics. We will be happy to provide you with material sheets for all the given materials upon request. We follow the highest standards to ensure your operation is safe and reliable. In our offer you will also find materials with certificates such as FDA (ADI FREE), KTW, NORSOK M710, EU 1935/2004 and others.


Today, one of the most widespread and versatile materials for the production of seals. Very resistant to abrasion. Available in a number of designs - for low (-50 °C) and high temperatures (+140 °C), self-lubricating, FDA approved, various hardness

Technical rubber

Various types of rubbers for the most diverse operating conditions - NBR, EPDM, FKM (Viton®), H-NBR, Silicone - MVQ, TFE/P. Compared to polyurethane, suitable for use especially for lower operating pressures.

Technical plastic

Highly durable materials suitable for the production of guide and spacer rings, offering dimensional stability for various industrial applications. Excellent chemical and heat resistance.


A material with a very low coefficient of friction, usable for a wide range of temperatures (-200 °C to +260 °C) and practically for any aggressive (chemical) environment. Ideal for the chemical or pharmaceutical industry.

Are you interested?

Do you need a customized seal for your specific project?
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Why choose us?

Our experience and constant focus on the quality enable us to deliver solutions that exactly match your needs. Read a few key reasons why you should work with us.

Personal approach to orders

Every order is unique to us. We carefully communicate with every client in order to understand their specific needs and choose a solution that suits them exactly.

High quality of materials

We use only high-quality materials, which makes our seals last longer and offer optimal performance in various conditions.

Modern technology and equipment

By investing in the state-of-the-art technology and machinery, we are able to produce seals with high precision and in short lead times.

Professionally trained team

Our team consists of experts who are constantly learning and improving in their field. This enables us to guarantee the quality and reliability of all our products.

testimonials of our clients

Ing. Pavlína Kyrychová
Bohemia Seal s.r.o

Velmi oceňujeme Vaši odbornost, pečlivost a rychlost, kterou věnujete našim potřebám. Spolupráce s Vaší firmou je pro nás velmi přínosná, a to zejména díky profesionálnímu přístupu a rychlému řešení našich požadavků.

Radka Jonášová
GZ Media, a.s.

Na vaší firmě si vážíme především rychlé, jasné a výborné komunikace a slušného jednání. Déle spolehlivosti, včetně termínů dodání, což bohužel v dnešní době u každého dodavatele není.

Redleta s.r.o.
Michal Kopčáni

Rychlost dodávek a 100% kvalita u všech dodávek.
Komunikace a pomoc při řešení složitých případů.

Martin Baier
Firma Argutec s.r.o.

Pro výrobu našich produktů je klíčová nejen stálá kvalita a dobrá cena, ale také podpora při vývoji a inovacích. Invarex nám vždy nejen navrhne vhodný materiál, ale také dodá ověřovací sérii.

Ing. Gabriela Vítová
Karla Hydraulics s.r.o.

Naše spolupráce probíhá již několik let na velmi profesionální úrovni, oceňujeme komunikativnost a flexibilitu, rychlé řešení našich objednávek, technickou podporu a rychlost dodávek.


MarkingDescriptionHardness [Shore A] [Shore D] Min. temperature [°C]Max. temperature [°C]Suitable for food processing (FDA)
HPU 95APolyurethane - hydrolysis resistant95 ShA-20+110Yes
HPU 95A MAXSame as HPU 95A but with higher temperature resistance95 ShA-25+150Yes
HPU 55Dpolyurethane with higher hardness55 ShD-20+110No
LT-PU+low temperature polyurethane95 ShA-55+110No
SL-PUself-lubricating polyurethane95 ShA-20+110No

Technical rubber

MarkingDescriptionHardness [Shore A] [Shore D]Min. temperature [°C]Max. temperature [°C]Suitable for food processing (FDA)
NBRnitrile butadiene rubber85 ShA-30+110No
NBR 73NBR with reduced hardness73 ShA-30+90No
H-NBRhydrogenated NBR, higher temperature resistance85 ShA-20+150No
FPMfluoro rubber (Viton®)83 ShA-20+220No
EPDMethylene propylene rubber85 ShA-45+130No
TFE/P (AFLAS®)tetrafluoroethylene propylene rubber85 ShA-5+200No
MVQsilicone85 ShA-60+200Yes


MarkingDescriptionHardness [Shore A] [Shore D]Min. temperature [°C]Max. temperature [°C]Suitable for food processing (FDA)
POM-Cpolyacetal82 ShD-45+100Yes
PApolyamide - silon, available in various designs77 ShD-40+110No
PTFE I (virgin)pure teflon57 ShD-200+260Yes
PTFE II (glass)teflon with 15 % glass fibre and 5 %MoS260 ShD-200+260No
PTFE III (bronze)teflon with 40 % bronze64 ShD-200+260No
PTFE IV (carbon)teflon with an admixture of carbon67 ShD-200+260No
PEEKpolyacrylic ether ketone86 ShD-60+260No
UHMW-PEhigh molecular weight polyethylene63 ShD-200+80Yes